Whether you’re running a campaign, doing research, or just are simply interested in learning more about Fossil Free UC, we’ve provided you with resources that should make your pursuits easier.

First off, we wrote a short White Paper for the UC Regents back in July 2013 that outlines the basic case for divestment in the UC system. It is a great place to start.

For more resources, you can visit these sites:

  1. Fossil Free CA Headquarters. This is Fossil Free California’s very own hub of all kinds of resources. Check it out!
  2. 350’s Go Fossil Free. Our partners at have chronicled a great number of resources.
  3. Cal’s Divestment Literature Review. A detailed literature review of related resources to the divestment campaign.
  4. Yale’s Divestment Report. A long, detailed report compiled by the students at Yale university outlining the demand for divestment.

If you’re interested in the finances of divestment, these are several reports highlighting the financial case for divestment:


Below is a calendar of Fossil Free UC-related events, meetings, and calls.