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The Fossil Free UC Alumni Network work as a semi-autonomous body in supporting the Fossil Free UC campaign win full divestment at the UC-wide level. We work on various projects as a network, as well as respond to specific needs of the student campaign as they arise.  

Campus Support. Many of us are actively involved with our alma maters, sharing the experiences we’ve had since graduation with the campaign, including our expertise in areas as diverse as research, lobbying, campaign strategy, media strategy, writing and editing, and photography.

Donors For Divestment. Donors for Divestment is a fossil-free fund which alumni can donate to in lieu of donating to the University of California. As long as the University of California remains invested in fossil fuels, it doesn’t get the money. If the UC agrees to divest from fossil fuels before 12/31/16, the money is donated to the General Endowment Pool. Our Donors for Divestment campaign lets you join up with other members of the UC community to send the UC Regents a powerful message,“We will donate to the UC, but only if it is a fossil free UC.”

Withholding Donations. We work with alumni to actively withhold donations to the university. When the university begins cold-calling or mailing alumni to ask for donations, we encourage alumni to respond with “I  will donate to the UC when it divests from fossil fuels.”

Letter Writing Campaign. We encourage all alumni to write to their Chancellors, the Board of Regents, or President Napolitano demanding divestment.

Research. We often conduct research on the request of students in the campaign.

As alumni, our experiences and access to powerful institutions puts us in a unique position to actively support our alma mater’s divestment campaign. We are always open to new suggestions of the kinds of work we can do to further the campaign’s vision and get our alma mater that much closer to being fossil free.