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The Fossil Free UC Alumni Network is a collective of alumni of the University of California who are calling on the university to divest its investment portfolios of the top 200 coal, oil and natural gas companies with the largest carbon reserves. 

As alumni, we are the largest representative body of the University of California. We are the ones who tout the university’s logo on our resumes, our email signatures, on our license plates, and with our pride. We are the ones who uphold the university’s reputation by the work we do thanks to the diplomas we hold. We are also the ones who give back and donate to the university, and are therefore stakeholders in this university. As major stakeholders, we should have a say over where our money goes.

The University of California has decided to remain invested in industries that are collectively responsible for over half of the greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere*. Through its investment policy, the university undermines its mission statement and refuses to support its students and their futures, choosing instead the side of industry. While we applaud the UC’s recent decision to divest from coal and tar sands, the university remains actively invested in natural gas and oil. Until the UC decides to #divesttherest, we will not rest.

We as alumni are saying “enough.” This is our endowment, our alma matter, and therefore our responsibility.

We, the Fossil Free UC Alumni Network, work closely with the students, faculty, and staff of the University of California in calling on the UC Regents to divest from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies with the largest carbon reserves and reinvest in our communities, our environment, and our future.