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Fossil Free is an international movement which aims to remove the fossil fuel industry’s social license to operate. The movement calls on institutions to 1) STOP all new investments in the top 194 publicly traded fossil fuel companies, 2) DROP all remaining investments in those companies within five years, and 3) ROLL out reinvestment plans that are more beneficial to society. Fossil free does not intend to financially cripple the fossil fuel industry; indeed, when investments are dropped, they will most likely be picked up by other individuals, groups, or firms. Instead, what it does is cripple the industry’s reputation. By divesting, the world’s institutions are calling the fossil fuel industry out on their game and saying “enough.” Divestment allows for an open dialogue about the industry’s influence in our government, and questions how much power they have.


Fossil Free UC (FFUC) is a campaign made up of a coalition of students, faculty, staff, and alumni from the entire UC system, with additional support from partner organizations like the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) and 350.org. The campaign strives to: a) raise awareness on and off campus of the dangers of fossil fuels, b) pressure the UC Regents to vote for a full divestment of the General Endowment Pool, and c) to aid the administration in developing a reinvestment plan that is both adjusted for climate risk and socially responsible, thereby upholding the mission of the university.

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